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What is KingDeFi

KingDeFi is a multi-chain yield aggregator.

What is the Project and the Team?

KingDeFi is a DeFi project combining two main areas: earning and monitoring. The earning part offers its users, the Knights, a large variety of multi-chain farming options. The monitoring part provides the Knights an overall market overview, a search engine to find the highest yields and a personalised portfolio tracking tool.
The team behind the KingDefi project is a team of professionals - that includes highly skilled Solidity developers - with many years of experience in different key sectors such as IT/technology, finance and marketing. The core team lives in Switzerland, a country not only known for its legacy banking system but also for its progressive crypto legislation. The "Crypto Valley" in Zug is a thriving reality of which the team is an active part of. This will play a key role in forging future partnerships and expanding the project. Our long-term experience in both sectors: technology and banking provides us with the right toolset to make KingDefi a success story.

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